Entrepreneur, Industrialist, Educationist

Enterpreneur, Educationist, and one of the pioneers of Islamic Finance across the globe.  Learn More



Zafar Sareshwala belongs to an illustrious family with 130-years old business of manufacturing Industrial Valves. He is also a successful Entrepreneur, Educationalist and  one of the pioneers of Islamic Finance across the globe. He set up the first "Onshore Islamic Equity fund" regulated by FSA (Financial Service Authority) UK.

Further, Zafar has an exceptional commitment towards "Education to Entrepreneurship" for minorities in India through his Initiate "Taleem O Tarbiyat". Furthermore, He is the founder of Parsoli Group of Companies and the former Chancellor of Maulana Azad National University and currently heads Sareshwala Enterprises Pvt. a firm established in 2007.

Zafar, also an associate of Prime Minister Narendra Modi since the time our PM was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Zafar has travelled with our PM to Japan, USA, Australia, UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Turkey in various capacities and has been bridge between the Government and the Muslim community in India and in various other countries. In conjunction with these, he was sent by the Government of India as their goodwill ambassador representing the Prime Minister of India for Haj 2016. 

Zafar has delivered lectures on Islamic Finance across various universities including at Harvard University and his written work and articles have been published in various renowned websites, newspapers and magazines. He has been a TEDX speaker, is active on twitter with a huge fan base all across the glove, for amongst different communities in India.

Zafar Sareshwala @ 2021